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Italian Research on Structural Applications of Glass

Welcome to the Home Page of the Italian Research on Structural Applications of Glass (I.R.S.A.G.).
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The last ten years have seen the rapid growth of a dynamic group of Italian researchers and professionals, who have promoted wide experimental and theoretical activities for a better understanding of the mechanical properties of glass, directed towards structural application. The scope of this page is to collect the considerable amount of scientific products that has been most recently developed. This site contains both reference to published papers, as well as pre-prints posted by the authors.

In this way, A.T.I.V. hopes to promote mutual cooperation in Italy, allowing to share in real time scientific thoughts and the most recent achieved results.


The page is open to anyone is interested in this project. Scientific contributions of high quality are welcome.
Since this site wants to promote the Italian research at the international level, preferred language for posted contribution is English. The authors take the full responsibility for what posted, since no process of review and/or control has been implemented by A.T.I.V. In particular, A.T.I.V. is not responsible for statements, errors, omissions, misinterpretations or infringements of the laws on copyright associated with the material posted by the authors.


If you want  insert your pre-print, please send a request  by mail to: ativ@ativ-online.it