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Associazione Tecnici Italiani del Vetro     
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Viale Basetti, 14 - 43121 Parma
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Dipartimento di Chimica
c/o Dr.ssa Gnappi
Parco Area delle Scienze 17/A - 43124 Parma  






XXXI A.T.I.V. Conference

Preliminary Announcement

The event, located at the Parma Unversity Campus, Centro Santa Elisabetta, will be held on October 20 and 21, 2016, and is meant as a technical focus on innovation in the glass sector. The meeting is split into two sessions, one on hollow and one on flat glass, and will have the following main themes:

  • Energy efficiency in glass furnaces and production optimization

  • Glass in architecture among structural engineering legislation, energy and acoustic performance, and environmental sustainability - Innovation in production processes for building materials.

The introductory day of October 20 is devoted to two workshops, during which the attendees will have the opportunity to follow practical examples both on glass defects (analysis of bubbles, stones, inclusions, cords, knots, fractures) and on its mechanical properties.

The session on flat glass will bring out practical examples on glass design in architecture, both as a construction material and as an Energy- and Acoustic-efficient material with high environmental sustainability.


Final Programme  

and General Information

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S+G Project - Final Workshop Announcement

You can download here the program of the final workshop of the European Project
"Innovative Steel-Glass composite structures for high performance skins"

which will be held in Pisa, Italy, on May 20, 2016.


Final Programme
How to get to: Fiera Milano Rho - Centro Servizi Congressi - Sala Aquarius (Porta Sud)
Call For Paper
Press Release

A.T.I.V. and Vitrum are pleased to announce the next XXX A.T.I.V. Conference.
The conference will be a one-day event connected with Vitrum 2015 and will present and discuss advanced

glass processes and glass productions in order to improve quality and performance.


For more information please contact:


Parma (Italy), 21-24 September 2014   
Final Program & General information  at:



Final Program  

General Information


XXVIII ATIV Conference Presentations